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Mediation is a voluntary process in which a neutral third party assists the parties in resolving their dispute.

The mediator has no authority to impose a settlement, and the parties are under no obligation to reach agreement. Mediation proceedings are private and flexible.

At TNLC, we generally participate in mediation in one of two ways:
  • When asked by the parties or their counsel, we serve as the neutral mediator to help the parties reach agreement.
  • When we are counsel, we represent our client through the mediation process.


We understand the many variations of the mediation process. We advise clients on all the benefits and drawbacks, so that they are informed and know what to expect from mediation.


“ The great gain was getting through all this, and I am quite certain that we would have been in trial without your patient and generous counsel. What you said sank deeply into my consciousness, and loosed some baggage from my unconscious that needed dislodging and surfacing. For all that, many thanks!...”