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Non-Profits we work with

  • Schools
  • Foundations
  • Non-profit organizations

How we help Non-Profits

The New Law Center assists non-profits with corporate, employment and business issues
We provide general council service, including:
  • Incorporation
  • Federal tax exemption qualifications and application
  • Policy development and strategic planning
  • Dissolution or liquidation
  • Other operation matters

We assist School Districts with:

  • Conducting complete review of policy manuals - updating/creating as needed
  • Drafting new policies as needed due to changes in law, state policy or circumstances
  • Creating procedures to implement policy

Schools - Policy Development

Policy development is an essential responsibility of an effective School Committee. The New Law Center guide School Committees and school districts create clear, understandable policies to effectively guide their schools. Changes in federal and state law and new issues that arise in the district require revision of existing policies and the creation of new ones.