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About Us

The New Law Center is a small law firm dedicated to helping people solve problems.

We serve individuals, family owned and other closely held businesses, schools and non-profits in a variety of areas:

  • from drafting a simple will to establishing an international charitable corporation,
  • from resolving complicated property ownership issues to negotiating the split-up of a partnership,
  • from reviewing and revising policy documents for schools or non-profits, to conducting workplace diversity assessments and training in schools and businesses.

In each instance, we work with clients to identify and understand their interests and goals to ensure a successful outcome, efficiently and economically.

In cases involving disputes, our approach is based on collaborative problem solving rather than "win-lose". We know the costs and limits of the court-based, adversarial process. We can guide clients to conflict resolution-by-agreement to preserve relationships, reputations and resources, and develop creative, sooner, better results.

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Douglas C. Reynolds, Esq.

Kathleen P. Miller, Esq.

Carolyn Robertson


“ I am writing to thank you for your help in settling our case out of court and saving [Mary] and me a great deal of time. I'm sure it would have been a lose-lose situation if the officers and [Mary] were dragged down to Boston to handle the lawsuit, so I offer my most sincere thanks...”